Hi, there. I'm an assistant professor of History, Latin American and Latinx Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies at The University of Scranton, as well as currently a scholar-in-residence at Wabash College. I earned my PhD in History at the University of Chicago, where I also kept myself entertained as a flutist in the University Symphony Orchestra and as a flamenco dancer, choreographer, and instructor. I have since continued to teach and/or research history, as well as make music and dance, in São Paulo, Brazil; Rochester, NY; Princeton, NJ; Scranton, PA; and now Crawfordsville, IN. I'm also enjoying hiking, kayaking, and attending arts and community events with my young kids.

My work is colored and inspired by my trinational identity and experiences growing up as a low-income immigrant in Los Angeles. I spent my early childhood on my Israeli father's kibbutz, and, as money and immigration policies allowed, visited my mother's family in Argentina. Tired of L.A.'s perfect weather and traffic, I headed to muggy Princeton for college. En route to receiving a BA in History and Certificates (minors) in Latin American Studies and Musical Performance, I studied and researched in Buenos Aries and worked in Mexico City. After I was handed my diploma, I headed back west but stopped halfway in Chicago to work for an amazing nonprofit, Mikva Challenge. Training high school students to become civic leaders was just too much fun so I decided to sober up with graduate school. My political and artistic interests nonetheless managed to weasel their way into my interdisciplinary dissertation and book projects, which you can read more about on the other pages of this site. Enjoy!