Since my PhD candidacy, I have taught courses in Latin American history, global history, digital history, historical methodology, architecture, and gender studies.

  • Colonial Latin America and Modern Latin America (U. Scranton): Introductory surveys of Latin American history. Students in Fall 2017 collaborated with the Lackawanna Historical Society to produce oral histories of Latin American immigrants in Scranton:
  • Race in Latin America (U. Scranton): Upper-division seminar analyzing how ideas about race have changed and affected the lived experiences of Latin Americans. Students worked together to interactively present what they learned as part of the Multicultural Center's Food for Thought series. They also blogged their thoughts here:
  • Gender and Family in Latin America (U. Scranton): Lower-division seminar on the history of gender and sexuality in Latin America.
  • The Craft of the Historian (U. Scranton): Sophomore-level course introducing history majors to the methods and philosophy of the discipline. Focused on the history of the birth of the metropolis around the turn of the twentieth century.
  • Digital History (U. Scranton): Introduction to the discipline and digital methods geared toward entering history majors. Students' blogged reflections and final projects from Fall 2017 can be found here: 2019-2020 final projects are on the Latinx Scranton homepage:
  • The Business of Entertainment (Von Holst Prize Lecturer, Spring 2014, U. Chicago): Designed and taught a History Colloquium, a course that introduces third-year history majors to research and writing methods through the in-depth study of a specific topic, in this case, entertainment. You can check out the syllabus here, our Zotero group library here, and what's left of our Twitter feed at this link (students responded to readings with the hashtag #h29646):
  • Interdisciplinary Design Studio (co-instructor with Prof. Mario Gandelsonas, Fall 2018, Princeton U.): Introduction for Urban Studies students to architecture and urban design through projects based in São Paulo.
  • Problems in the Study of Gender (co-instructor with Prof. Rachel Jean-Baptiste, Winter 2013, U. Chicago): Collaborated in the planning, grading, and teaching of Gender Studies introductory course.
  • Senior Seminar (Bessie Pierce Prize Preceptor, Fall 2012–Spring 2013, U. Chicago): Planned and taught a 1-quarter methodology and historiography seminar for History seniors, as well as guided students in writing their BA thesis throughout the year. Here's the Zotero group library we built:

Before beginning my graduate program, I taught action civics to high school students as a program coordinator for an incredible Chicago nonprofit, Mikva Challenge. While in college, I founded and facilitated Interact, a program that brought Princeton University students into Trenton, NJ, high schools as instructors of international affairs. Outside of the classroom, I taught and choreographed flamenco for five years at the University of Chicago.